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San Marco Museum

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This is the place to get to know the artist Beato Angelico. We’ll also meet St. Antonio Pierozzi and Savonarola, both of whom found themselves in conflict with the Medici.

Savonarola and St. Antonino Pierozzi are amongst the important Renaissance figures who have called this monastery home; both came into conflict with the Medici during their rise to power, despite this being the heart of the 15th century Medici quarter.
The cells of the Dominican monks were painted by one of their number, the renowned 15th century artist Beato Angelico. Amongst the frescoes is the famous Annunciation which greets , and often surprises, visitors as they enter. In addition, Beato Angelico frescoed the monastery’s Chapter room, and numerous paintings by him are preserved in this museum.
Moreover, there is a last supper by Ghirlandaio and a magnificent cloister decorated between the end of the 16th and begining of the 17th centuries.
The monastery of San Marco is, without doubt, a place of great fascination not only for its art but also as a document which reminds of the contradictions in the spirituality of the Renaissance.